Financial Services

David McCready Portrait

David McCready - Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

(530) 872-6400 x233


The Financial Services Department supports the financial and infrastructure needs of Paradise Unified School District.

Our services include:

  • Budgets & Accounting -- You may view a copy of the current budget at the District office.
  • Purchasing
  • Payroll -- Employees: for payroll forms, please visit the Staff Resources page
cartoon checkbook next to apple
Peggy Glass Portrait

Peggy Glass - Administrative Account Technician

(530) 872-6400 x222

Linda Pittenger Portrait

Linda Pittenger - Accounts Payable

(530) 872-6400 x230

Dana Thompson Portrait

Dana Thompson -Payroll Technician (Classified)

Tel:  (530) 872-6400 x234

Heidi Lange - Payroll Technician (Certificated)

(530) 872-6400 x224