Meal Prices & Charge Policy


***ATTENTION:  Important Food Service Meal Price Changes!  Please read below***

Dear PUSD Parents and Guardians,

I hope that you and your family have had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to a new and exciting school year.

I am writing to inform you that although PUSD Food Services is required to increase our lunch prices for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year, we recognize that this could create a hardship on families and since we strive to feed all of our PUSD students, we will be offering “bonus meals!” When student accounts are paid in advance we will add one free bonus meal per five lunches paid for in advance.  So if you prepay for 25 days of lunches, we will provide 5 free bonus meals.  This can be done using the Titan Parent Portal, or by paying at the school site with a check, money order, or cash. 

PUSD will continue to provide free and reduced-price meals for children who qualify under the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs.  Children are eligible for free or reduced-price meals if their household income is less than or equal to the USDA Income Eligibility Guidelines. A NEW application MUST be filled out ANNUALLY.  Students who do not qualify for free or reduced-price meals must pay full-price for their meals or bring lunch from home. Our new bonus meal program will help with that. 

It has always been, and will continue to be, the goal of PUSD Food Services to provide our students with the highest quality meals at the lowest prices as approved by the state and federal programs.

Background: As part of the Hunger Free Healthy Kids Act of 2014, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) requires all schools to calculate their average paid lunch price using a specific calculation called a Paid Lunch Equity (PLE) tool. This ensures that sufficient funds are provided via paid lunches and that schools are not using the Free and Reduced Lunch Program to offset the prices of the paid lunches. If the average paid lunch price for 2016-17 is at least $2.86, then no further action would be required, however our weighted average is only $2.56. 

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Since our average paid lunch price is less than $2.86 we have three options to meet the PLE requirement:

  • Increase the price charged for paid lunches ~ this is the option we are using.
  • Contribute non-Federal funds to the food service account. (These are funds that are used to pay for classroom supplies, etc.)
  • Choose a combination of increasing paid lunch prices and contributing non-Federal funds.

Please click the chart below to see current meal prices

Paradise Food Services Pricing Chart

Thank you for your understanding and support of our program.  We look forward to serving your student(s) during the upcoming 2017-18 school year.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office at (530) 872-6496.

Tanya Harter
Director of Food Services
Paradise Unified School District

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There is a fine balance that needs to be attained between the solvency of the food service program and the nutritional needs of students.  Our goals are:
  • To ensure that all students have a healthy meal and that no child goes hungry.
  • To treat all students with dignity and confidentiality in the serving line regarding meal accounts.
  • To support positive and clear communication among staff, administrators, teachers, students, and parent/guardian.
  • To establish fair practices that can be used throughout the school district.
  • To encourage parent/guardian to assume the responsibility of meal payments and to promote self-responsibility of the student.
  • To establish a consistent practice regarding charges and collection of charges.
The Paradise Unified School District Food Department recognizes the importance of good nutrition and wants to take all reasonable steps to make sure students have access to school meals.
These steps include providing access to applications for Free and Reduced Lunch for those families who qualify. Application forms will be sent home at the beginning of each school year, posted on the School Department website, and are available from the school site office.
All students who do not qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch are expected to pay for school meals at the time of purchase. The Food Services Department recognizes that there may be times when a student has forgotten their lunch money, or inadvertently failed to keep a positive balance in their account.
Parents or guardians will be contacted by the school by note, telephone call or letter when their student's account goes into the negative.  We can only allow a student to charge 3 meals before we provide an Emergency meal.  Please contact us with questions and/or easy ways to pay on your child’s account.
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