Posters/Flyers Request Form

Thank you for seeking approval prior to distributing your organization's poster, flyer or brochure to the schools in our District. The approval process includes submitting a copy of the flyer and a completed Request to Distribute Posters/Flyers/Brochures form to the Superintendent. Please allow at least two weeks to receive approval for your flyer/poster request.

Click here to download the Request to Distribute Posters/Flyers/Brochures form.

PUSD Board Policy:
Prior to distribution or publication, the Superintendent, principal or designee shall review and approve all advertising copy and promotional materials to ensure compliance with Board policy. The requesting organization shall be responsible for copying materials and counting/sorting by classroom and school site. The district office shall distribute materials to the school sites.

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Privacy Forms

Federal privacy standards to protect patients' medical records and other health information took effect in 2004 under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). To maintain the privacy of your health information, It is the policy of Paradise Unified School District to receive written authorization from a patient prior to releasing or utilizing healthcare information. HIPAA Authorization Form - English (Authorization for Use or Disclosure of Health Information to School Districts

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