Paradise eLearning Charter Academy

5911 Maxwell Drive
Paradise, CA  95969

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Telephone: (530) 872-6425 x3104
E-mail: Kathleen Blacklock

Our School

The Paradise eLearning Charter Academy is a newly formed public charter high school sponsored by the Paradise Unified School District. The Paradise eLearning Charter Academy is located on the campus of Paradise High School. All students enrolled in the Paradise eLearning Charter Academy will enjoy access to state-of-art technology throughout students' courses. This technology will provide students with access to information for investigation and research, and other media-related tools. Technology will also be integrated through instruction that calls for the use of technology as a means to support academic learning. (APEX, UCCP, SAS Curriculum Pathways). Students enrolled in the Paradise eLearning Charter Academy have access to "loaner" laptop computers so that they may be able to utilize the online curriculum resources while away from the school site.

Our Pogram

The mission of the Paradise Unified School District, as the educational leader of the community, is to graduate knowledgeable, productive, responsible citizens who are motivated to continue learning and are able to function successfully, with integrity, in a complex, changing world. The mission of the Paradise eLearning Charter Academy is to provide an individualized standards-based high school education for students in Butte and adjacent counties through the utilization of innovative electronic methodology, a California state standard-based online curriculum, together with an individualized independent study model. We envision a learning environment uniquely able to prepare students to excel in a diverse, technologically advanced society. Paradise eLearning Charter Academy is a non-site based independent study program. Students access school lessons and lesson assessments through the Paradise Distance Learning Portal and by direct interaction with his/her teacher. Teachers holding a California teaching credential oversee the learning of each student in their class by assigning and reviewing each student's work for quality, accuracy, and understanding; accessing their online academic records (including daily lessons and assessments); and communicating with students and parents (or other responsible adult) on a regular basis and at teacher conferences. Teachers also grade student work, award credits, deliver report cards and will be available daily via phone, Elluminate collaboration software, instant message or email when students (or adults) have questions. The content of daily lessons is reinforced through assignments and activities organized by teachers.

The Paradise eLearning Charter Academy incorporates California state standards-aligned academic content from a variety of resources including:

  • APEX Learning digital curriculum
  • SAS Curriculum Pathways digital curriculum
  • University of California College Prep (UCCP) Open Access digital curriculum
  • Traditional hard copy curriculum resources currently utilized at Paradise High School
  • Projects, reports, assignments, etc. assigned by the credentialed teachers of the Paradise eLearning Charter Academy.

School Accountability Report Card

An annual School Accountability Report Card (SARC) is produced for each school. It provides valuable information for parents, teachers, administrators and the community, including:

    * description of facilities
    * demographics
    * curriculum
    * special programs
    * academic and test data
    * teacher/staff information
    * school safety
    * fiscal data
    * and more

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