Pearson Center

597 Pearson Road
Paradise, CA 95969

Tel: (530) 872-6112

Welcome To The Pearson Center

The Pearson Center is a post-secondary
Special Education program serving students from age 18-22

Our Program Components

Functional Academics:

While in our program students will continue to work on academics with the emphasis on functionality. Reading, writing, money and time concepts, and communication are practiced in class and in real life situations.

Vocational Experience:

At Pearson Center vocational experiences develop career awareness and an understanding of job expectations which are important in the transition from school to work. Examples of our work include retail work, and our mobile yard maintenance crew.

Functional Living Skills:

Food preparation, personal hygiene, and classroom maintenance are practiced in school. Community experiences include shopping, laundry and recreation.

Ability Gardens:

We have an extensive gardening program which provides activities and involvement for students with a range of abilities. We sell a wide variety of herbs, vegetable starts, and flowers out of our classroom. We also grow vegetables in our gardening boxes which we use in our food prep program. In the Spring and summer we set up a stand at the local farmer's market!