Please Visit Our Outstanding Libraries

The Paradise Unified School District  maintains active and busy libraries at each of its school sites.  These libraries contain comprehensive, CA Content Standards aligned, book collections, and resources, along with computer labs for the student's academic use all supported by the site Library Specialists. The facilities are well maintained, warm and inviting for students and staff alike.

Adjustments in hours have been made to accommodate an ever-dwindling state budget, but the libraries remain open the greater part of each school day. Please see the individual school sites for each library's hours.

Staff: A library specialist, overseen by one district librarian, staffs each library. The library specialists are an incredibly hard-working and dedicated group of people.  They effectively aid each student in learning how to search for information as well as encourage their love of reading for pleasure. In addition, they stand out as friendly and caring, inspiring a warm atmosphere of inclusion and security for all students.

The purpose of the library is to provide the students with current informational resources as well as aid them in learning how to find and disseminate this information.  The library serves to create critical and independent thinkers, and productive citizens.

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