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Afterschool Care Programs

Ponderosa Elementary and Paradise Elementary are offering After School Care for Kindergarten and First Grade Students.
Purpose and Mission
After School Care (ASC) offers an extended-day class experience for kindergartners enrolled in our kindergarten classes. ASC recognizes that play is the primary learning medium of childhood. With this in mind, Ponderosa and Paradise Elementary schools are providing parents an opportunity to enroll their K and/or 1st grade students in this inclusive, optional, fee-based program. The program offers:
  • age-appropriate, appealing, and challenging activities to support the growth and development of the whole child,
  • high-quality, developmentally-appropriate, and on-site care in an enriching, safe, and nurturing environment,
  • a balance of activities as well as structured and unstructured projects,
  • complementary activities to the school program such as literature, dramatic play, visual arts, music, large and small motor games and the support to practice social skills.
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Paradise Elementary:
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English as a Second Language Program

English as a Second Language programs are offered at each school site to students who have limited English proficiency.
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Home-Hospital Instruction Program

A Home-Hospital Instruction Program is available for students who have an extended absence from school due to illness or injury.
For more information, please contact Mary Ficcardi (

Short-Term Independent Study

Short-term Independent Study is available for regularly enrolled students who need to be absent from school for a short period of time.
For more information, please contact your individual school site.

Title 1 Program

The Title 1 Program is offered at all schools to provide support services to students with academic needs in reading/language arts, mathematics and/or study skills.
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Transitional Kindergarten

At Paradise Unified, transitional kindergarten (TK) is a full day kindergarten program that builds a bridge between the preschool years and kindergarten. This developmental program acts as a link between a flexible environment and the more structured academic setting of kindergarten. Instruction will focus on literacy and numeracy along with a strong emphasis on self regulation and social engagement.
Transitional kindergarten is designed for (but not restricted to) students who turn 5 between September 2 and December 2 and may not be socially, developmentally, and/or academically ready for kindergarten.

Who Benefits From Transitional Kindergarten
Many parents feel that their child may not be quite ready for the academic rigor of kindergarten. These students often have a fall birthday and may still be developing skills for academic work.

Transitional kindergarten gives children the opportunity to access the kindergarten state curriculum standards in a classroom that implements small groups and "hands on" learning to provide a language rich experience.

Transitional kindergarten prepares students for the social and academic expectations of kindergarten the following year.
Click here to view our TK Brochure.