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Creekside 6

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This exciting 6th grade program will assist students in becoming future leaders who are intelligent, compassionate, and creative problems solvers. At Creekside 6 we strive to guide students into becoming active participants in life. Through our theme of, "Making the World a Better Place," we will provide real life experiences for students to draw upon, while acting in a thoughtful, responsible, and respectful manner. It is our belief that experiential education provides the Creekside 6 Academy best knowledge transfer and will be critical in allowing our students to be successful as they embark on their careers in secondary education. This program encompasses rigorous academic standards, environmental education, character education and Mini Society simulation. The Mini-Society simulation is an economic, experience-based education program. Students establish their own society, print their own money, are hired for jobs through the application process, and open their own businesses. This simulation assists them in learning to be successful, contributing members of their society. These components are designed to assist students in realizing their academic, social, and emotional potential.

Program Components Include:
  • Service Projects
  • An Adventure Club
  • Hands-On Activities
  • Planet Protectors Club
  • Simulations
  • Organic Garden/Compost Station

All of these will encompass to meet California State Standards. A number of field trips are incorporated into the program, including a week-long environmental day camp with one overnight. to complete the program a strong home school connection is essential.