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As an employee of Paradise Unified School District and through our business relationship with Butte County Office of Education, you now have the ability to access basic employment data over the internet via an interface called Employee Online. For your convenience, Employee Online allows you the ability to view and request updates to basic information on a safe and secure site; you can:
  • View/request updates to Home Address Information
  • View/request updates to Emergency Contact Information
  • View/request updates to State and Federal Tax Exemptions
  • View Pay Check/Electronic funds Transfer/ Stubs Information
  • View Direct Deposit Information
  • View Tax Shelter Annuity/Deferred Compensation Information
  • View current Health Plan(s) Information
  • View Current Position Information
To Login to Employee Online

 login prompt for bcoeprod

2. Username: your employee number Password: last four digits of your SSN
If you need assistance please contact Susan Taylor

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Frequently Requested


Important Note: The forms for 403 B and Direct Deposit Authorization at the top of the list below require that the employee hand deliver the forms to the appropriate payroll clerk for the forms and requests to become active.
If you need any assistance, please contact:
Certificated:  Heidi Lange
Classified:  Dana Thompson

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Each May is the month of open enrollment for your medical benefits. More information can be found here.

If you need any assistance, please contact Peggy Glass.

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The safety of our staff and students is of utmost importance. That's why we're pleased to offer the Keenan SafeSchools online training system to our employees. We're confident you'll find these courses to be informative and helpful towards maintaining a safe learning environment.

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