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Michelle John - Superintendent

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Jennifer Robbins - Executive Assistant

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October_2018_Parent_Letter Card IconOctober 2018 Parent LetterTop of Page

Dear Parents and Guardians,
School has been in session for over six weeks, fall has arrived, Johnny Appleseed Days are this weekend, the days are getting cooler (finally) and students and staff are settling into the 2018-2019 school year. This school year promises to be one filled with stimulating learning, fantastic music and art performances, exciting athletic events, and warm community gatherings. I encourage you to review our District calendar and join us at these wonderful occasions. The District website, the school websites, and the District Facebook page are fantastic sources of information about all of our upcoming events.
Once again this year, I will be hosting Superintendent Advisory Meetings and LCAP Stakeholder gatherings at different locations throughout the community. These informal discussions are open to all and are a great opportunity to ask questions, make suggestions, or just stop by to say hello.
We will continue to place a priority on engaging students through relevant and meaningful learning experiences to include project based learning, inquiry based discussions, career technical education, dual credit, science, engineering, technology and math (STEM), Pre-K, as well as the arts, music and athletics.
We are encouraging all families to make sure they are registered to vote and read all initiatives carefully. There are initiatives on the ballot this November that will have lasting effects on our district and students. Please educate yourself and vote!

Thank you,
Michelle John