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Dear Paradise Unified School District Families:


This past August, the Board of Trustees appointed me as the Interim Superintendent of the Paradise Unified School District (PUSD). I am humbled and honored by this opportunity to serve you and our Paradise students and staff. My husband and I have been a part of this community for 28 years. We have raised our three children in Paradise. All three “children” received an excellent education, are graduates of Paradise High School, and are currently successful adults contributing to their own communities.


I deeply believe in a quality and comprehensive education for all students. Paradise is known not only for its academic excellence and extracurricular/athletic programs, but also for the positive and healthy relationships between staff and students. I take very seriously that you have entrusted the young people of this community to our care and expect our fine staff to give their best day in and day out.


My mission as your Interim Superintendent is also my passion and is the reason I do what I do. That is, to maintain and grow a rigorous teaching and learning environment that provides every student with a sense of belonging while helping students to grow intellectually, emotionally and socially. It is critical to every student’s success that they graduate from high school with the habits of mind and skills necessary to pursue and achieve their goals and dreams.


Every day the future sits in our classrooms, and as educators, it is our job to unleash the future’s potential. In Paradise Unified, we hold tightly to this understanding, and to the responsibility that comes along with it. At its heart, our job as educators is all about unlocking the potential in our students to become the best that they can be as adults. Our work is about inspiring and equipping tomorrow’s inventors, entrepreneurs, scientists and leaders. If we do that job effectively, then in the future you will share the world with better employees, bigger thinkers, and more responsible neighbors and colleagues.


Check out our latest improved state test scores at Our success is the result of staff and partners who work hard every day to ensure that our schools are maintained and safe; that our offices are welcoming for parents and students; that our classrooms are engaging and academically rigorous; and that our students who need additional resources are supported.


We welcome your thoughts on our district, and extend an invitation for you to visit one of our schools or activities any time. We hope that this new interactive website serves as a vital resource for the students and parents in our community.  Please check back often, as we will be continually updating the content on the website in order to make the site a valuable communication tool for all users.


In partnership,

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Michelle John

Interim Superintendent