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Physical Fitness Testing (PFT)

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The physical fitness test (PFT) for students in California schools is the FITNESSGRAM®. The main goal of the test is to help students in starting life-long habits of regular physical activity.

Students in grades five, seven, and nine take the fitness test. The test has six parts that show a level of fitness that offer a degree of defense against diseases that come from inactivity. The test results can be used by students, teachers, and parents. 

The FITNESSGRAM® is composed of the following six fitness areas, with a number of test options provided for most areas:
  • Aerobic Capacity
    • PACER (Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run)
    • One-Mile Run
    • Walk Test (only for ages 13 or older)
  • Abdominal Strength and Endurance
    • Curl-Up
  • Upper Body Strength and Endurance
    • Push-Up
    • Modified Pull-Up
    • Flexed-Arm Hang
  • Body Composition
    • Skinfold Measurements
    • Body Mass Index
    • Bioelectric Impedance Analyzer
  • Trunk Extensor Strength and Flexibility
    • Trunk Lift
  • Flexibility
    • Back-Saver Sit and Reach
    • Shoulder Stretch

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