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Peachjar Flyers for our schools:Top of Page

It’s now easier than ever to receive information about opportunities for your child!

In January 2018, Paradise Unified School District began using Peachjar as our new electronic flyer communication tool. Flyers will now be sent directly to your email inbox and posted to the school’s website!

To view current flyers, click on the Peachjar button on the school’s website.

Benefits of Receiving Peachjar Emails
  • Flyers are sent directly to your email inbox- no more hoping they’ll come home in a backpack!
  • Access flyers while on the go and sign up for programs and events with just the click of a button!
  • Programs sent through Peachjar can help your child build lifelong skills like leadership and self-esteem!
  • Easily share program flyers via social media to encourage your child’s friends to participate!
Helpful Tips
  • You can scroll through all flyers from your school and community organizations within your email
  • Be sure to check your school’s Peachjar page for any flyers you may have missed via email
  • Click on the ‘Learn More’ or the ‘Register’ buttons for more information about the program or event

Peachjar Parent Announcement

Peachjar Parent FAQs Site

Peachjar Program Provider Announcement


Please click the links below to visit the Peachjar site for your school.