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Tom Taylor

Tom Taylor - Superintendent 

(530) 872-6400 x1223

Sheila Craft Portrait

Sheila Craft - Executive Assistant

(530) 872-6400 ext. 1223

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As a member of the Paradise Community for 52 years, I am proud to serve as the new Superintendent of Paradise Unified School District.  My most important role in life has been to be husband to Laura Taylor and father to four wonderful children-Thomas, Olivia, Annabelle, and Julia.  All are products of Paradise Unified School District.
Although I worked in Chico for about ten years after graduating from college, my goal was to return to the Ridge community that has provided so much for my family.  Fifteen years ago I was lucky enough to do that, and I have never been more committed than I am today in leading our district to provide the best possible education for every student on the Ridge.
Community members of Paradise, Magalia, Stirling City and the surrounding areas have been greatly impacted by the Camp Fire.  It has been more than we could have ever imagined.  However, this does not mean our students should not be held to high expectations.  Paradise Unified School District has high quality and dedicated staff committed to the success of each student.
Our continued growth and success will be built on the following three goals to ensure your students’ success:
  1. Graduate civic-minded students who have mastered the knowledge and skills required for access to college and/or careers of their choice.
  2. Provide positive, safe, and engaging learning environments and systems of supports for all students.
  3. Provide staff with differentiated professional development that is focused on improving student outcomes.
To do this, we must have engaging programs and instructional practices that grab the attention of today’s learners.  Students must be challenged to do more than remember.  They must be able to think and problem solve.  I believe this happens through exploratory learning, scientific inquiry, identifying what students enjoy, and through building positive relationships with students.
As a teacher and principal, I have always believed I was responsible for preparing every student for the next grade level, or in the case of high school, college or career.  I will continue to believe this as your new Superintendent.
Tom Taylor
Paradise Unified School District